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BC PNP: Business Immigration: strategic projects

The Strategic Projects category assists foreign-controlled companies establishing an eligible business in BC with the timely entry of foreign key managerial, professional or technical staff, up to a maximum of 5 per company, who intend to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in BC

Companies applying in this category will be required to:

Make a minimum equity investment of $500,000.
Create at least three jobs for Canadians or permanent residents in BC for each nominee applicant put forward by the company.
Demonstrate a record of good business practices and successful business operations outside of Canada that are relevant to the proposed business.
Establish or purchase and expand an eligible business anywhere in BC
Incorporate a Canadian subsidiary or register an extra-provincial company in BC to operate the proposed business.
Demonstrate that the nominee applicants are qualified senior personnel who are essential to establishing or expanding and operating the proposed business in BC
Sign a Performance Agreement with the Province of British Columbia.

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