Our Services

We provide Canada immigration services to match your Canadian Immigration needs.

Under the direction of Senior Immigration Consultant, our firm will:

Assess your Canadian immigration eligibility for free

Before you retain our Canada immigration services, we offer:

  • Personalized assessments of your qualifications
  • Email responses to your inquiries
  • Telephone discussion with our office

Facilitate your Application Process

Once you retain our Canada immigration services, we will:

  • Determine your Canadian immigration category
  • Prepare, perfect and submit your application
  • Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office
  • Prepare you for your personal interview
  • Track your application until your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa is issued

Address your Concerns and Provide Solutions

  • Finding Work in Canada
  • Canadian Immigration Application Processing Times
  • Canadian Immigration Process
  • Proving Work Experience
  • Proving English Language Ability

Provide you with Work in Canada Tools and Resources

  • Job Search Tool
  • Canada Resume Builder
  • Career Coaching Tools
  • Work Permit Services

Provide you with our Canada Work Permit Services

  • Verification of the job offer’s eligibility
  • Preparation and submission of your application
  • Communicate with the appropriate government office
  • Track your application until your Canada Work Permit is issued

Help you with any Immigration Problems

  • Medical Inadmissibility
  • Criminal Inadmissibility
  • Application Refusal
  • Long Delays

Ease your Settlement in Canada

To help you with your settlement in Canada, we will:

  • Provide you with our Canada Job Search Tool and our employment resources
  • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry
  • Explain your Canadian Residency obligations
  • Advise you about Canadian Citizenship

Advice from Us

  • Senior Immigration Consultant is available to answer your questions about Canadian immigration and the application process.