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BC PNP: STRATEGIC OCCUPATIONS: International Graduates

An International Graduate has satisfied the requirements for an eligible degree or diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in Canada within the last two years. Specifically, an application must be received by the BC PNP within two years of the date shown on the final official transcript which indicates that all requirements have been met.

An International Graduate must have accepted an indeterminate, full time job offer from a BC employer. The PNP program does not require that International Graduates have previous work experience.

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Skilled Workers
Managers, professionals, technologists and technicians, skilled trades
International Graduates
Recent graduates of recognized Canadian post-secondary institutions
International Post-Graduates Pilot Project
Recent BC masters and doctorate graduates in natural, applied and health sciences
Designated Health Professionals
Registered nurses, midwives, registered psychiatric nurses, and physicians
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled
Select occupations in tourism/hospitality and food processing, and long-haul trucking.

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skilled workers
recent international graduates from eligible Canadian post-secondary institutions
recent masters and doctorate graduates from a BC post-secondary institution in the natural, applied or health sciences (for this category only no job offer is required)
designated health professionals
entry-level or semi-skilled workers in select occupations

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