MPNP: How your application is assessed

The MPNP assesses your application based on how well the information and supporting documents you submit demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria for the stream under which you applied.

Successful applicants are those who have the employment and/or educational background, the language skills and the adaptability to establish successfully in Manitoba.


The online application tool will tell you what supporting documents to upload. The MPNP will assess whether your documents support the information you have provided in your application.

For example:

  • You are applying because you are currently working in Manitoba: the online tool will instruct you to scan and upload a copy of your temporary work permit.
  • You indicate in your application you have 10 years of work experience: you must obtain and upload letters of reference from all employers.

If the MPNP considers your documentation insufficient your application may be considered ineligible or incomplete for assessment. If that is the case, the MPNP may likely refuse your application and will inform you of the decision in writing.

Note: Documents must be made available to us at the time of assessment. The MPNP does not consider information or documents received after we have assessed your application.

Intended occupation

Each applicant must declare an intended occupation. The MPNP will assess your potential to establish successfully in Manitoba in your intended occupation.

Before you apply, research your occupation using the Working in Manitoba Tool. Find out the qualification requirements for working in your occupation in Manitoba. Doing research and planning will help you complete your MPNP application successfully.

(ex: teacher, nurse, etc.)

When you look up your occupation you will see that some occupations are “regulated” in Manitoba. This means you must go through a licensing process before you can work. This is considered in assessment because it affects your ability to find a job in your intended occupation.


The MPNP is not a sponsorship program. We select skilled workers with the ability and intention to settle in Manitoba as permanent residents.

Your financial situation and the community in which you’ve chosen to settle are two considerations in adaptability.

As part of the assessment, the MPNP may consider your net worth as an indication of your potential to establish successfully.

Adjusting to life in Manitoba will take some time. That is why it is recommended that MPNP applicants (except those currently in Manitoba) have at least C$10,000 plus C$2,000 in funds for their spouse and each accompanying dependant to support yourself and your family while you are looking for a job as well as pay your Government of Canada immigration fees and travel expenses to Manitoba.

Settlement Plan

People applying under the five minimum factors (Option D on the page Eligbility) must demonstrate their adaptability by preparing a Settlement Plan.

Your Settlement Plan must show:

  • why you have chosen Manitoba as your immigration destination
  • what community you will move to, and why
  • that you have a connection to Manitoba through a close relative who has been living in Manitoba as a permanent resident for at least one year and who is prepared to support your settlement (non-financially)
  • that you are taking steps to find a job in your intended occupation soon after arriving in Manitoba

Your Settlement Plan must be endorsed by a close relative (as described in the online application) who has been living in Manitoba as a permanent resident for at least one year. Your relative must review your plan, and complete and submit Settlement Plan – Part 2.

Things you should know before you apply


  • The Government of Manitoba has the sole authority to nominate applicants for permanent resident status in Canada, based on our assessment of your potential for success in Manitoba as an independent skilled worker.
  • There is no deadline for applying to the MPNP. However, program criteria may change without notice and your application will be assessed according to the criteria in place at the time we receive your complete application.
  • We need your current personal information to assess your application. After you submit your application you can log-in to the online tool to change your address, number of dependants, etc.