SINP: FAQ: Long-Haul Truck Drivers

I have a lot of experience as a truck driver in my country.  Am I eligible to apply to the SINP Long-Haul Truck Driver Project?

In order to be eligible for this category, you must first have worked for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan for 6 months and have a full-time permanent job offer with the same trucking firm.  Please check all of the criteria for this category.

Which trucking firms have been approved by the SINP to hire foreign truck drivers?

The Saskatchewan Trucking Association has a list of firms that may be hiring foreign drivers.  You should check with the company to see if they have been approved.

Can I apply to the SINP Long-Haul Truck Driver Project if I have a job offer from a trucking firm which is not approved by the SINP?

No.  However, the trucking firm can apply to the SINP for approval and you may apply after their application has been approved.