AINP: Using Recruitment or Employment Agencies

If you plan to use a recruitment or employment agency to help you find a job in Alberta, there is important information you need to know.

  • Under the Fair Trading Act all employment agencies in Canada and abroad must be registered and licensed by the Government of Alberta if they are:

    • finding jobs in Alberta for people
    • finding workers for employers in Alberta
    • testing or evaluating individuals for job-related skills on behalf of an employer.
  • Insist on seeing the employment agency’s Alberta business license and business registration to verify that it is a legitimate business.
  • An agency cannot charge a worker a fee for finding a job in Alberta. If you are a worker who has been charged a fee by an agency, contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline.
    • It is illegal in Alberta to charge a worker for a job placement fee.
    • Employment agencies charge the employer a fee for recruiting a worker.
    • The employer is not allowed to recover the cost of this service from the employee. If an employer tries to recover recruitment agency costs from you as a worker, contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline.

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Date Updated: Mar 11, 2011