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(British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) A Look at 10 Important Issues Affecting Provincial Nominee Programs in the West By Mark Holthe (AB), Sofia Mirza (MB) & Marina Sedia (BC) ___________________________________ 1. General Issues a. Trends in processing i. Staffing ii. Processing Times iii. Implied Status 2. Representation 3. Semi-Skilled Workers / Approval Rates & Low Income Threshold 4. Language […]

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Full version of the Act:
An Act respecting Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services

Short summary:
Every employer recruiting foreign workers must register with SK authority
Every foreign recruiter must obtain SK license
No employer or recruiter may charge fees related to obtaining employment
Immigration consultant who is also licensed recruiter must have separate contract with both parties if working for employer and foreign worker
PQ tables weaker-than-planned language bill
By Martin Ouellet, The Canadian Press, December 5, 2012

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SINP: FAQ: Employers

Where can employers get information about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)? Where are applications available?

If you have any questions regarding the SINP please visit the SINP section. Employers can also contact the SINP by phone at 306-798-SINP (7467), by email at or they can come to the SINP office at: 7th floor, 1945 Hamilton St., Regina, SK.

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How do I find the NOC code for my job?

1) Go to the National Occupational Classification website.
2) Check the box next to Example Title and uncheck the box next to Group Title and enter a search key work for your job. If this does not bring any results try using a different name of your job using the other search fields.
3) Choose the job title you think best fits your employment. Click on this job title and review the job description to see if it matches your job duties.
4) If the job description matches, make note of the NOC code.

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SINP: FAQ: Temporary Work Permits

I am working in Saskatchewan on a Temporary Work Permit. Could I be considered under the SINP?

Yes. Please refer to the Existing Work Permit sub-category of the Skilled Workers Category to check the specific requirements. Please note that the SINP only considers applicants under this sub-category if their work permit required a positive Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada in order to obtain the permit. If you are currently working under an open work permit you may need to apply under the broader Skilled Workers Category.

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SINP: FAQ: Entrepreneur Category

Entrepreneur Category – Former Process Effective Prior to October 1, 2009

I wish to immigrate to Canada and am willing to invest in a business in Saskatchewan. Am I eligible under the SINP’s Entrepreneur category?

Business applicants must first meet the eligibility criteria as set forth by the program and further show that they intend to manage and operate a business in Saskatchewan, not just invest in it, and that they will live in Saskatchewan. Passive investments (investments in a business without ongoing management responsibilities) are not eligible. Individuals wishing to immigrate as passive investors may apply under the federal Immigrant Investor Program administered by CIC.

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SINP: FAQ: Long-Haul Truck Drivers

I have a lot of experience as a truck driver in my country. Am I eligible to apply to the SINP Long-Haul Truck Driver Project?

In order to be eligible for this category, you must first have worked for an approved trucking firm in Saskatchewan for 6 months and have a full-time permanent job offer with the same trucking firm. Please check all of the criteria for this category.

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SINP: FAQ: Students

I am about to graduate however I do not have a post-graduation work permit but I have an offer of permanent employment from a Saskatchewan Employer. Can I apply?

Yes. You may apply under the Master’s/PHP Subcategory of the Student Category or other categories under the SINP.

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SINP: FAQ: Health Professions

I would like to come to Saskatchewan through the Health Professions Category. How can I find information on jobs and regulations related to my health profession?

Please contact the appropriate regulatory association for your health profession. You can search for job postings related to Health Professions at, or Saskatchewan Health.

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