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(British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) A Look at 10 Important Issues Affecting Provincial Nominee Programs in the West By Mark Holthe (AB), Sofia Mirza (MB) & Marina Sedia (BC) ___________________________________ 1. General Issues a. Trends in processing i. Staffing ii. Processing Times iii. Implied Status 2. Representation 3. Semi-Skilled Workers / Approval Rates & Low Income Threshold 4. Language […]

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AINP: Using Recruitment or Employment Agencies

If you plan to use a recruitment or employment agency to help you find a job in Alberta, there is important information you need to know.

Under the Fair Trading Act all employment agencies in Canada and abroad must be registered and licensed by the Government of Alberta if they are:
finding jobs in Alberta for people
finding workers for employers in Alberta
testing or evaluating individuals for job-related skills on behalf of an employer.
Insist on seeing the employment agency’s Alberta business license and business registration to verify that it is a legitimate business.
An agency cannot charge a worker a fee for finding a job in Alberta. If you are a worker who has been charged a fee by an agency, contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline.
It is illegal in Alberta to charge a worker for a job placement fee.
Employment agencies charge the employer a fee for recruiting a worker.
The employer is not allowed to recover the cost of this service from the employee. If an employer tries to recover recruitment agency costs from you as a worker, contact the Temporary Foreign Worker Helpline.

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AINP: Application Forms

The AINP has introduced a bar code to some of our application forms to make it easier for those applying to the program. Download our Helpful hints (PDF) to assist you in filling out the application forms. You will need at least Adobe Reader 8.1 to fill out the application forms. If you do not have Adobe Reader 8.1, click on the icon below to download the program for free.

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AINP: Processing times

The AINP will not respond to status inquiries or provide updates on your application. This page is the only source of information on approximately how long it will take to process your application. If you have a file in process with the AINP, check this page often for any updates. AINP processing times are subject to change without notice.

To avoid delays in processing your application make sure you meet AINP criteria and submit a complete application with all required documents.

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AINP: Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Are you a farm owner/operator with proven management skills and the financial resources to develop a sustainable growth-oriented primary production farming business in Alberta, Canada?

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) can nominate individual farm owner/operators who want to immigrate, purchase and manage a farming business in Alberta.

The AINP works closely with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development to assess the eligibility of applicants in this category.

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AINP: Family Stream: Frequently Asked Questions

The AINP is currently not accepting applications under the AINP Family Stream. Applications postmarked after August 23, 2010 will be returned to the Alberta Relative. Applications postmarked on or before August 23, 2010 that meet all program criteria will be accepted for processing and will be processed according to AINP Processing Times and Family Stream criteria.

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