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(British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba) A Look at 10 Important Issues Affecting Provincial Nominee Programs in the West By Mark Holthe (AB), Sofia Mirza (MB) & Marina Sedia (BC) ___________________________________ 1. General Issues a. Trends in processing i. Staffing ii. Processing Times iii. Implied Status 2. Representation 3. Semi-Skilled Workers / Approval Rates & Low Income Threshold 4. Language […]

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Full version of the Act:
An Act respecting Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services

Short summary:
Every employer recruiting foreign workers must register with SK authority
Every foreign recruiter must obtain SK license
No employer or recruiter may charge fees related to obtaining employment
Immigration consultant who is also licensed recruiter must have separate contract with both parties if working for employer and foreign worker
PQ tables weaker-than-planned language bill
By Martin Ouellet, The Canadian Press, December 5, 2012

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MPNP: What happens after you apply

After we complete our assessment of your application we will inform you of our decision whether or not to nominate you to receive a Canadian permanent resident visa to live and work in Manitoba.

This page explains the outcomes of your MPNP application – first the standard procedure for a successful applicant. Other possible results are explained afterward.

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MPNP: How your application is assessed

The MPNP assesses your application based on how well the information and supporting documents you submit demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria for the stream under which you applied.

Successful applicants are those who have the employment and/or educational background, the language skills and the adaptability to establish successfully in Manitoba.

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MPNP: Your family

Manitoba values the contribution that families make to our communities and to the economic development of our province, and encourages the immigration of skilled workers who plan to establish themselves and their families permanently in Manitoba.

When you apply to the MPNP you, the principal applicant, can include your family as “eligible accompanying dependants.”

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MPNP: Are you eligible to apply?

The MPNP eligibility criteria are designed to help you determine if you have the potential to successfully find a job and settle as a permanent resident of Manitoba.
You are eligible to apply as a priority applicant and receive expedited processing online if you meet one of options A, B, C or D.

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MPNP: Immigrate to Manitoba

Advantage of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program for Skilled Workers

For centuries, people from around the world have been immigrating to Manitoba. Now, thanks to the MPNP, Manitoba is attracting immigrants in record numbers.

From young graduates to established professionals with families, why are so many coming to Manitoba? The MPNP Advantage. The MPNP speeds up the immigration process, and the MPNP helps you as you plan for settlement and employment success.

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