Guide 3900 – What Happens Next

What happens to your application at the Case Processing Centre?

Phase: Completeness check

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) reviews your application to make sure that:

  • all required fields in your application forms are complete,
  • you submitted all required documents, including the required forms and documents of the person you are sponsoring,
  • the correct processing fee payment has been made, and
  • all of the application forms have been signed.

Phase: Eligibility Review

An officer will review your application to ensure you meet the sponsorship requirements.

Note: You will be informed by way of a letter of the results of the evaluation.

If the requirements are met:

  • the application for immigration to Canada of the person you are sponsoring will be sent to a Canadian visa office for processing.

If you are a Quebec resident and meet the federal requirements to sponsor:

  • the CIC officer will send you a letter with instructions to download the MIDI undertaking kit, to complete and submit it to the MIDI with a copy of the letter received.
  • processing will begin when MIDI informs us of their approval of your undertaking.

Phase: Selection and Admissibility

If you fail to meet the sponsorship requirements:

  • CPC-M will inform you that you have not met sponsorship requirements. If you checked the box on your  Application to Sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking (IMM 1344) to withdraw your sponsorship application if found ineligible, no further processing will occur and all the fees will be refunded except for the $75 sponsorship fee.
  • The application of the person you are sponsoring will not be sent abroad and, therefore, will not be processed.

Note: You will not have a right of appeal.

If you are a Quebec resident and MIDI refuses your undertaking:

  • we will refund your processing fees, with the exception of the $75 sponsorship fee, provided you checked  the box on your IMM 1344 to withdraw on your sponsorship application if found to be ineligible.

In the event you do not meet the sponsorship requirements:

  • the application of the person you are sponsoring will be sent for processing at a Canadian visa office if you checked the box on your IMM 1344 to proceed with the application for permanent residence if you do not meet sponsorship requirements, and
  • you will not be entitled to a partial refund of the processing fees once processing of the application for permanent residence has begun.

Note: you will have a right to appeal. Instructions will be provided with the letter of refusal.

What if your co-signer withdraws their financial support

If your spouse or common-law partner withdraws support for the sponsorship application, you or your spouse or common-law partner must write a letter to CPC-M and the visa office before permanent resident visas are issued to the person you are sponsoring and their family members.

You must include an amended copy of your sponsorship application and agreement, initialled by you and your co-signer, removing the co-signer’s support.

We will assess your financial situation to see if you have enough money to support your family without a co-signer. If you do not meet the financial requirements on your own, the application for permanent residence will be refused.

Informing CIC of any changes

Consult the table below to know how to inform us of any changes following the submission of your application:

  • If there are any changes to your family status such as:
    • marriage;
    • divorce;
    • births;
    • deaths; or
    • any other important information.

    Inform us immediately by email at:

    Note: Clearly state your name, date of birth and Universal Client Identification (UCI) or file number that you can find at the top of the acknowledgment letter, if you received one from CPC-M.
  • If you move
    Inform us immediately by doing one of the following:

    • Use CIC’s on-line service. Go to Change my address and follow the instructions for filling out and submitting the electronic change of address form
    • Contact our Call Centre
  • If you move from Quebec to another province in Canada
    You must fill out and sign Application to sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking(IMM 1344).
  • If you move to Quebec from another province in Canada
    You must sign an “engagement” with the province of Quebec.

Factors that can facilitate processing

There are certain things you can do to help ensure that your application is processed as fast as possible:

  • make sure that all the documentation and information requested are provided with your application
  • advise CPC-M and the visa office of any change to your contact information. This includes:
    • mailing address
    • telephone number
    • facsimile number (fax)
    • e-mail address

Note: You must clearly state your name, date of birth and Universal Client Identification (UCI) or file number, if know, in all correspondences.

Factors that may delay processing

The following factors may delay the processing of your application:

  • missing signature on application forms
  • missing documentation
  • unclear photocopies of documents
  • documents not accompanied by a certified English or French translation
  • verification of information and documents provided
  • a medical condition that may require additional tests or consultations
  • a criminal or security problem
  • consultation is required with other offices in Canada and abroad

For more information

Current processing times

In cases of spouses, common-law partners, conjugal partners and dependent children, CIC is committed to issuing visas as quickly as possible.

You must send all documents, forms and fees we need to make a decision about your request.

Check application processing times.

Note: If your case is not routine, we may not be able to process your application within the regular service standards.

Important information

Updating your contact information

During the application process, you must advise us of any change of address or telephone number. You can do this by going to Change of address or by consulting the How to contact CIC section at the end of this guide.

Note: If your personal situation changes (for example change of marital status, birth of a child, or you wish to withdraw your sponsorship, etc.) after you have submitted your application, you must contact us.

Checking application status on line

You can check the status of your application on-line by doing the following:

  1. Go to Check application status.
  2. Follow the instructions provided.

Note: Your application status will only appear on-line once the application is received and the initial review by CIC is completed.

To obtain details on how to remove your application status information from the Internet, visit the Help Centre section.

Protecting your information

Your personal information is:

  • only available to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) employees who need to see it in order to provide the services to you, and
  • not disclosed to anyone else except as permitted under the provisions of the Privacy Act.

For more information. You can obtain additional information on the protection of your data by visiting the Help Centre.

Quality Assurance Program

Our quality assurance program randomly selects applications for a special review. If selected you will be asked to attend an interview with a Citizenship and Immigration official so that we can:

  • verify the documentation you submitted is accurate,
  • verify that your application has been completed properly.

Note: You will be notified in writing should your application be selected.

Online services

For more information on the programs offered by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, visitImmigration and Citizenship.