MPNP: What happens after you apply


After we complete our assessment of your application we will inform you of our decision whether or not to nominate you to receive a Canadian permanent resident visa to live and work in Manitoba.

This page explains the outcomes of your MPNP application – first the standard procedure for a successful applicant. Other possible results are explained afterward.

Note: Processing times vary based on number of applications received. The MPNP does not respond to inquiries about application status.

Approved applications

1. MPNP sends you an approval letter.

Once a decision has been made on your application you will be contacted in writing. This decision will not be given over the telephone or by e-mail.

If your application to the MPNP is approved, we will mail you a letter of approval in your MPNP nomination package. A formal certificate of nomination will be sent directly to the Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate that processes requests from your country of residence (“the visa office”).

2. You apply to the visa office for a permanent resident visa.

Your nomination package will include instructions on how to apply for your permanent resident visa at the visa office. (The instructions are also online in the Prepare to Move section.)

Note: Before you quit your job or sell your possessions, you must apply for and receive permanent resident visas from the Government of Canada for you and your family.

You must submit to the visa office your visa application, processing fees and the original MPNP letter of approval before the expiry date that is noted on your letter of approval.

The Government of Canada is responsible for ensuring that all applicants for permanent resident status meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and all medical, criminal and background checks. The Government of Canada has the final authority to approve or refuse a permanent resident visa.

3. You continue your settlement and career planning.

Your nomination package will include advice, instructions and links to online resources to help you prepare for your successful settlement and employment in Manitoba.

The following events may happen to nominated applicants depending on the circumstances:

4. Nominated person may seek temporary work permit.

If you have obtained a job offer from a Manitoba employer after you were nominated by MPNP, the MPNP may issue a support letter for a work permit application.

This will allow you to apply for a temporary work permit at the applicable visa office. If you are currently employed in Manitoba on a temporary work permit, you should contact the MPNP two months before the expiry date of that work permit. We may provide you with a supporting letter that will allow you to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada to have your work permit renewed.

Note: The employer must be registered with Manitoba’s Employment Standards Branch before you ask the MPNP for a supporting letter.

5. If your address changes you must notify the MPNP.

6. MPNP may withdraw your certificate of nomination.

The MPNP has the right to withdraw a certificate of nomination if the applicant has provided false or misleading information or no longer meets the criteria under which he or she was nominated.

Applicants falsely declaring their intent to live and work in Manitoba or who provide false or misleading information or documents in their applications may also be subject to enforcement action by the Government of Canada before and after a permanent resident visa is issued.

Non-approved applications

Nomination under the MPNP is at the sole discretion of Manitoba.

If the MPNP decides not to nominate your application we will mail you a result letter stating the reasons for the decision.

Applications are not approved in situations including but not limited to the following:

  • You have not provided sufficiently detailed, credible documentation for full assessment.
  • You fail to demonstrate that you have sufficient work experience, training to find employment in your intended occupation in Manitoba.
  • You have insufficient language ability to be employable in Manitoba.
  • You fail to demonstrate your ability and intention to establish permanently in Manitoba.
  • You fail to demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria under which the application is being assessed.
  • You fail to demonstrate you have sufficient settlement funds.
  • You fail to demonstrate in your Settlement Plan that you are taking sufficient steps to become employable including pursuing any required occupational licence or certification.
  • The endorsement of your Settlement Plan does not meet MPNP requirements.

How to request a review of a non-approved application

You may request a formal review of an MPNP decision on your application. For details visit MPNP Resources: Appealing MPNP decisions.

How to reapply after a non-approved application

You may reapply to the MPNP after six months from the date on your result letter or after you have addressed the reasons why your application was not approved.

When you reapply you must show that you have sufficient training, experience and/or a stronger connection to Manitoba to support a new application.

How to withdraw your application

If you want to withdraw your application to the MPNP send a written request signed by you by mail, e-mail or fax. You may resubmit your application at any time.

An immigration representative may withdraw an application on your behalf by submitting a written request provided that the request is signed by you.

To withdraw your application after receiving a letter of approval, send a written, signed request to both the MPNP and to the visa office to which the MPNP sent your certificate of nomination. (Note: The Government of Canada does not refund visa-processing fees.)