MPNP: Helpful resources and information


This section contains information and resources for applicants, Manitoba friends and relatives of applicants, and consultants or lawyers working for applicants.

Have a question about the MPNP? Check out our Common Questions.

  • Using immigration representatives
    You do not need a paid immigration intermediary (lawyer, consultant, representative, recruiter) for your free application to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).
  • Common Questions
    Find answers to frequently asked questions about the MPNP and the application process.
  • Winnipeg Nominee Application Centre
    In Winnipeg you can get help with an MPNP application at the Nominee Application Centre.
  • For Manitoba Supporters
    Information for the Manitoba family and friends of MPNP applicants and nominees.
  • How to apply for your visa
    Nominees must submit their own application for their permanent resident visa. Visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada for instructions and to download the new forms that took effect July 2011.
  • Reviewing decisions not to nominate
    Applicants not nominated may be eligible to request a review of the MPNP’s decision. Read more, and download the form.
  • For immigration representatives
    Read how to register to use the MPNP online application tool.
  • MPNP Mail Application Kit
    Download and print the mail-in application kit. It includes a guide to the MPNP and instructions on how to apply. (PDF)