MPNP: Your family

Manitoba values the contribution that families make to our communities and to the economic development of our province, and encourages the immigration of skilled workers who plan to establish themselves and their families permanently in Manitoba.

When you apply to the MPNP you, the principal applicant, can include your family as “eligible accompanying dependants.”

Eligible accompanying dependants include:

  • your spouse (legal marriage or at least one year of common-law partnership)
  • children under age 18 of whom you have legal custody and who are either your biological or adopted children or those of your spouse
  • adult children between the ages of 18 and 25 who are:

    – not married or in a common-law relationship

    – not financially independent due to a physical or mental condition

    – pursuing full-time academic, professional or vocational training

You and your spouse (if applicable) should each review the information on eligibility criteria and assessment. The person who best meets the eligibility criteria and is the most qualified should be the principal applicant. The other spouse can be included as an accompanying dependant.

If your children do not meet the above criteria, but want to come to Manitoba with you, they can still apply to the MPNP program. They must submit a separate application at the same time as you and indicate they are connected to your application.

Please note the following about dependants


  • A fiancé(e) is not a dependant for purposes of immigration. If your fiancé(e) intends to accompany you to Manitoba and you are not getting married before you apply to the MPNP, he/she will need to fill out his/her own MPNP application and qualify as a principal applicant.
  • All existing dependants must be declared to the MPNP before you are nominated.
  • New dependants, after you have been nominated (such as a newborn), must be declared to the MPNP and the Government of Canada visa office before you and your dependants are issued permanent resident visas, whether they are accompanying you to Canada or not. If you do not declare new dependants, and they do not undergo medical examinations, you may not be able to sponsor them in the future.
  • If your dependants are not accompanying you to Canada at this time, you will need to apply separately to sponsor them through a Government of Canada sponsorship program after you settle in Manitoba. (Note: The MPNP cannot assist you with a sponsorship application.)
  • Children who meet the criteria for adult dependant at the time you receive nomination from the province and later change their status (get married, stop/complete their university education, have children, etc.) cannot be included in your application for permanent resident status at a visa office, and will likely be withdrawn from your MPNP application. Please note that the MPNP will not issue certificates for those individuals after you received nomination. They must MPNP eligibility criteria and apply on their own.