SINP: FAQ: Students

I am about to graduate however I do not have a post-graduation work permit but I have an offer of permanent employment from a Saskatchewan Employer.  Can I apply?

Yes.  You may apply under the Master’s/PHP Subcategory of the Student Category or other categories under the SINP.

I am a foreign student studying in Saskatchewan.  How do I apply for a post-graduation work permit?

These permits are issued by CIC.  Please visit the CIC website for more information on this program or contact CIC at 1-888-242-2100.

Is the Students category my only option if I am studying in Canada?

No.  If you meet the criteria for any of the other SINP categories, you can apply to that category.  You can also aplly to the federal Canadian Experience Class (CEC).   The CEC has a requirement of one year work experience after graduation compared to six months under the SINP.