How do I find the NOC code for my job?

1) Go to the National Occupational Classification website.
2) Check the box next to Example Title and uncheck the box next to Group Title and enter a search key work for your job.  If this does not bring any results try using a different name of your job using the other search fields.
3) Choose the job title you think best fits your employment.  Click on this job title and review the job description to see if it matches your job duties.
4) If the job description matches, make note of the NOC code.

How can I tell if my job offer is a 0, A or B level in the NOC matrix?

1) Follow the instructions for “How do I find the NOC code for my job”
2) On the left side of the screen click on Matrix.
3) Note the first 3 numbers of your NOC code and locate this number on the matrix chart.  If they are located in the row next to Level 0, A or B your job is considered to be
4) Look for where the first 3 numbers of your NOC code are located on the Matrix.

If your job is a Designated trade in Saskatchewan but does not meet the NOC level 0, A or B, it will still meet the SINP job criteria in the Skilled Workers Category.

Does the SINP have a list of employers who are willing to hire foreigners?

No.  The SINP is not an employment agency and does not have the expertise and resources to help prospective applicants find jobs.  Click here for more information on finding a job in Saskatchewan.

Do I need to get my trade or professional credentials recognized in Saskatchewan before applying to the SINP as a Skilled Worker?

You must provide documented proof of your education, training, occupational credentials and/or work experience that show you are eligible to work in your occupation in Saskatchewan after your arrival.  If you want to work in a regulated occupation, a SINP program officer may ask you to have your credentials reviewed by the regulatory body responsible for your occupation in Saskatchewan.  For more information on occupational regulations in Saskatchewan please visit