SINP: FAQ: Hospitality Sector Pilot Project

My occupation is in a Designated Trade in Saskatchewan in a NOC classification covered by the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project.  Can I apply to the skilled workers category?

No.  There are some Hospitality Sector occupations that are Designated Trades.  Applicants in these jobs must apply under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project.

I am working in Saskatchewan in a job that is elligible under the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project but my employer has not been approved by the SINP.  Can I apply?

Employer must apply and be approved by January 1, 2010, in order for the SINP to accept applications from hospitality sector workers who are already here and working.  After that date, all employers must receive the SINP’s approval before their workers arrive and begin work or the SINP will refuse their workers’ applications.