SINP: FAQ: Family Members

I am applying under the Family Members Category.  Does my job offer need to be in the NOC level 0, A or B or be a designated trade in Saskatchewan?

No.  Under the Family Members Category, the SINP will accept a job offer at any NOC level.

Live-in-Caregivers are not eligible jobs under this program.  See Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) Live-in Caregiver program.

My family member wants to apply and has many years of experience in a skilled job but they do not meet the educational requirements.  Are they eligible?

No.  However, if your family member has a job offer from a Saskatchewan Employer in a NOC level 0, A or B or in a Designated trade and they can make the 35 points requirement in the self assessment, they may be eligible to apply under the Skilled Workers Category.

My family member wants to apply and meets the educational requirements under the Family Members Category, but does not have any work experience in skilled job (NOC level 0, A or B or a Designated trade in Saskatchewan).  Are they eligible to apply to the SINP?

In the Family Members Category the applicant must be able to prove that their work experience is related to their post-secondary education.

How many family members can I support?

There currently is no limit to the number of family members you can support; however, you must be able to prove that these family members can all meet the settlement criteria either through a job offer inSaskatchewanor by meeting the financial requirements of Family Member’s Category of the SINP.  You should also consider that becoming a supporting family member is a continuing commitment to the family you support.

Because of the enormity of this commitment, we recommend that supporting family members inSaskatchewanthoroughly assess their resources and limit their support to one or two family members at a time.

How much do I need to earn before I can support a family member?

The SINP does not require that a family member earns a minimum income before being eligible to support a family member.  We require proof that you are self-supporting (have not received financial support through the Saskatchewan Assistance Plan, Employment Insurance, the Resettlement Assistance Program, or other income support program within the last six months).

I’ve already applied to the family member’s category or will apply before the new requirements for settlement funds take effect on January 1, 2011. How will my application be handled?

If your application is received between December 15 and December 31, 2010, it will be reviewed based on the current criteria. This means that the funds can be in a bank account under your supporting family members’ name.

If your application is received between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2011, you will be given 45 days to show that you have the funds in a bank account under your name, or you can supply the SINP with a copy of a letter in which aSaskatchewan employer has offered you a permanent, full-time position.

Beginning on April 1, 2011, all applications will need to include documents showing that the principal applicant has demonstrated they have the necessary funds in a bank account in their name for a minimum of three months before submitting the application to the SINP or an offer of permanent full-time employment.

Why have you changed the Family Members Category regarding my ability to economically establish myself in Saskatchewan?

This change ensures that you, the principal applicant, have access to these funds, which you will need to start your new life inSaskatchewan.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) asked the SINP to make this change so that we can better follow Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. All other provincial nominee programs inCanada have made this change.