SINP: Family Members

Note:  Beginning January 1, 2011, applicants to the SINP Family Members Category will be required to show that they are able to economically establish themselves in Saskatchewan by either demonstrating that they have $10,000 for themselves and $2,000 for each accompanying family member or an offer of permanent, full-time employment.  Previously, these funds could be in the supporting family member’s name.  The change ensures the funds are in the applicant’s name.

This category is for immigrant families living in Saskatchewan who want to help their skilled and educated family members come to work and live in the province.

Applicants must have a relative who has been living in Saskatchewan for at least one year.  They must be willing to provide applicants with assistance during the immigration process and after they arrive in Saskatchewan.  These relatives are called supporting family members.

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of supporting family members, see the Application Guide for the Family Members Category.

Spouses or common-law partners are not eligible to apply under this category.  They need to apply under the Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) Family Class.


To be considered for the SINP Family Members Category, you must:

  1. Be between 18 – 49 years old.
  2. Have a signed affidavit of support from one or more family members living in Saskatchewan (SINP-500-22).
  3. Have completed post-secondary education, training, or apprenticeship of at least one year in length and have a diploma, a certificate, or a degree.
  4. Have at least one year of work experience in your field of education or training.
  5. Have the English language ability either to do the job you have been offered by a Saskatchewan employer or to get a job in your field of education or training.
  6. Have a full-time, permanent job offer from a Saskatchewan employer or intend to find full-time, permanent work in Saskatchewan and have enough money to live in the province for a short time without work after arrival ($10,000 for you and $2,000 for each accompanying family member).  Please note that live-in caregivers jobs are not eligible under this category.

Application Guide

This Application Guide outlines the requirements for the Family Members Category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP).  It includes all the instructions necessary for preparing your application.

All applicants to this category must complete the provincial forms, the required federal forms and any other federal forms that apply to their situation.  They must submit all of the completed, signed SINP forms, along with photocopies of federal forms and supporting documents detailed in the application guide, to the SINP.  If original federal forms and supporting documents are included, the entire package may be returned and you will have to re-apply.

Common Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding the Family Members Category.