Entry Level and Semi-Skilled (ELSS) Update

The Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category of the BC PNP has been confirmed as a permanent category. For details on the program requirements, see the ELSS Who Can Apply Page.

Strategic Occupations

BC Provincial Nominee Program: Strategic Occupations

Click one of the links above for detailed information and requirements for each category.

Basic Requirements

The basic or pre-requirements cover all categories above and must be met prior to applying:

  • the nominee applicant intends to settle in BC
  • the nominee applicant has the ability to become economically established in BC
  • if the nominee applicant is currently in Canada, they must maintain legal immigration status throughout the process and must not be subject to a removal order.
  • the nominee applicant does not have an active refugee claim
  • if the nominee applicant is currently outside Canada, they must not be prohibited from entering Canada and must have legal status in the country in which they are currently residing

The following requirements cover all categories except for the International Post-Graduates Pilot Project and must be met prior to applying:

  • the employer has offered, and the nominee applicant has accepted permanent and full-time employment in an eligible occupation
  • the nominee applicant is qualified to do the job
  • the wage offered is competitive with BC wage rates for the occupation
  • the nominee applicant’s occupation offers good long-term prospects
  • the employer is  financially sound, with a history of good business and human resource practices, and has been operating in BC for at least one year ( two years for an Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled employer) and currently has at least five full-time employees
  • the nominee applicant may not own 10% or more of the supporting employer company
  • the employment of a foreign worker will be of significant economic benefit to BC
  • the employment of a foreign worker will not adversely affect the settlement of a labour dispute, or the employment of anyone involved in any such dispute
  • the employer has actively recruited locally to fill the position